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Located in Sorbets d’Armagnac, the sloping vineyard is composed of 260 acres of vines growing on the best terroir of Bas Armagnac, made of fawn-colored sands and ‘boulbènes’. The vine cultivation is environment friendly and the agriculture is sustainable. Every year a herd of 600 ewes is scattered throughout the vineyard produces the sufficient organic manure to ensure this sustainability. Since 1999, a strong partnership has been sealed with Joseph Cazette,« the shepherd of Laubade ». This unique experience has been seen nowhere else and contributes to the ecosystem balance of both the vineyard and soils.

Château de Laubade is one of the very few properties producing the four traditional grape varieties of the appellation.

The grapes repartition is well balanced with 47% of Ugni Blanc, 30% of Baco 22A, 15% of Colombard and 8% of Folle Blanche. The house, as the largest producer of Baco, defends this emblematic grape variety in Armagnac. Indeed, the Baco gives a real identity to the best bas armagnac and its capacity to age while in contact with the oak casks over numerous years. Château de Laubade grows other grape varieties as well, such as the Plan de Graisse, the Clairette de Gascogne and the Meslier Saint-François for experimentations.

The ‘home-made’ distillation is perfectly controlled. It allows extracting all the best aromas and flavors of the wines grown and vinified at the property. Château de Laubade has its own still pot (Alambic), custom tailored in 1974. The Alambic guarantees the best autonomy to distill all the wines on the spot, in a timely manner, grape variety by grape variety. The art of the single distillation is ensured by a highly skilled team, run by the Cellar Master.

The Cellar master brings the highest care in order to provide an appropriate ageing for the eaux-de-vie, exclusively in oak casks from Gascony.

Once again, Laubade adopts a different strategy, being the only Armagnac House coopering its own casks. The oaks are carefully selected in various forests surrounding the property, to then be air-dried during three years and more and carefully crafted by our cooper.

The cellar Master carefully oversees and guarantees the finest maturation and the blending of the brandies, vintage by vintage, using 3.000 400-liter casks, split into seven different ageing cellars. This inventory, certainly the most important in the Armagnac region, is vital to produce the best spirits.

Ageing Armagnac requires a significant experience : joined by the Lesgourgues family, the Cellar Master decides on the best choice regarding the oxygenation and the final blending of the eaux-de-vie when the ageing is over.

The bottling date and lot numbers are always listed on the bottle, ensuring a complete traceability of the eau-de-vie.
The oldest Armagnacs, distilled before 1930 are stored in “dames jeannes” (known also as Demi Johns), in a room called : “Le Paradis” (Heaven).