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Armagnac is nothing but creation. Sensitive and talented men have found in Château de Laubade the perfect support for creating a timelessnectar. Armagnac is a piece of art that turns a tasting instant into a voluptuous and intense experience of hearing our senses deep inside. Very often, life lacks this vital introspection. This approach is the one of art: how to extract the fullness of life, its timeless dimension.For almost 40 years now, Jean-Jacques Lesgourgues and his sons, Arnaud and Denis, have truly been passionate by this search. So the link between Armagnac and art is obvious.

This approach makes us better understand that art is nurtured by the Bas Armagnac soil that has kept nurturing the metaphysical dimension the eaux-de-vie of Château de Laubade.
Back in the 1930’s, Jeanne Paquin used to reside at the property and she left many drafts of pieces of new fashion design roughs. She has undoubtedly been inspired by the place. The Lesgourgues family, aware of the unique beauty of the château,has invited several artists to stay there in order to reveal and shape the words of this rich soil. When Nature pushes our senses to recognize its flavors and to look at its colors, it brings us deep inside its bowers and inside ourselves, in an unceasingly pursuit of original and forgotten feelings. From this quest were born the multiple works of art that one can meet during a walk throughout the estate.

Some French sculptors have stayed at Château de Laubade in order to create from what the place inspires them. Their artworks echo to the terroir and the spirit of the place, because they were born from it, through the use of raw materials that the artists found at the property. As the Master Cellar creating outstanding armagnacs from a unique soil, the artist finds in the bas armagnacs’ atmosphere the support to inspire his virtuosity, sensitivity and intelligence.

For more than 40 years, patronage at Laubade has been corresponding to the most complete application of the concept as a real residence proposal for artists. Far from being a simple partnership with some artists or some fashion events, the Lesgourgues family considers art as the pure echo of both their elaboration philosophy of bas armagnacs and the intense experiences that go with. They work for promoting the process of creation, from its source, when the artist’s imagination meets the materiality of the support to be revealed. Very simply,patronage at Laubade is guided by nothing but the mission for the passion of beauty and for life exalted to a timeless dimension.

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